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Power supply:24V-24W

Power supply of the control block - 24V

Flow: max. 50 l./min. *

Dimensions: 320mm.Х250mm.

Max. temperature of the fluid: max. 60°С

Working temperature of the device: max. 50°С
* According of the water-main system’s pressure.
   VS-1202pd is a water doser - mixer. The main function is to mix and to proportion hot and cold water, but it can be used for other fluids which are not chemical aggressive and do not content hard particles, not bigger than admissible particles for the drinking water from the water-supply system. Mixes both fluids with different temperatures to obtain the necessary common temperature and proportions the asked in advance total quantity of the two liquids. The asked in advance parameters can be reached inside of the water meter doser - mixer, into the inner vessel, in which the respective production process shall continue.
 Water doser - mixer has the following functions:

Asking in advance and automatically memorizing the wanted quantity and temperature of the fluid in the latest vessel. The parameters are memorized and after switching off the device they are default for the next use.

Having a system for the control of the stand by or unconnected censors.

Indexes of the device are in the Celsius degrees and in litters.

The connection is as following; water-main system with the flexible links 1/2``.
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