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Power supply: 12V/2A
Outputs: 4-NO
- Temperature sensor.
- Humidity sensor.
Output current: 5A
Dimensions: 280x150mm.

VS-1145pr is a controller for opera-ting the camera of the final bread rise and dough products, with the combination of the plus-temperature refrigerator and automatically change of the regimes (rise and cool). The controller has the following functions:

Measure and regulate the tempera-ture into the camera with the precision of 2°С.

Measure and regulate the humidity into the camera with the precision of 4%RH.

The controller has a watch to indicate the real time, on which the turns of the regimes change in the definite hour of the day can be make.

The re-switched of the regimes can be make automatically, as well as manually.

The controller has an output to switched on the fan for the air-circulation into the camera.
 The front panel is made from the polyester folio on the background of the stainless steel with the thickness of 1,5 mm.