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Power supply: 12V/500mA
Output: 2-NO
Output for inverter
Output current: 5A
Dimensions: 180x160mm

VS-1135sm is a controller for opera-ting the spiral dough mixer (mixer), with two rotating speeds and with nine memorizing positions of the programs with different times for fast and slow speed, and also a display for the dough temperature visualizes during the preparing time. Regulate and visualizes the working time of two speeds, as well as possible to change them in starting position. After the running time, speed changes automatically from the slow to the fast one, dependently on the clients      
desire, the change can be as well do manually, without the waiting for the end of the time, and stops after the final time of slow speed and wait for the other command have be done, that is possible when the command (AUTO) is previously  switched off. The bowl, operate manually on both rotating directions. When the process is started, it moved automatically to the right direction. When change the rotation direction of the bowl, the system for mechanic protection for overloading and damages starts time for stand by).The controller memorizes the last put in values and re-switched it again, they don’t have to put in again. Memorizing is done in the stop position by pushing the button (SAVE). The changes made on the working time can not be memorized and they annulated by pushing the button (STOP). The temperature can be measure with the sensor, putted in the suitable place for it so that it can have continuous contact with the dough.
 The front panel is made from the polyester folio, on the background of the stainless steel with the thickness of 1,5 mm.