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Power supply: 12V/2A

Output: 7 x NO

Input: 1 input sensor-pt 100

Output current: 5А

Measures: 100x220mm

VS-1113mr is a controller for operating of the rotation oven. The temperature can be measure by thermo-element pt100. The temperature range is 0°С to 400°С. The timer range is from 0min. to 99min. After the end of the programmed time the sound signalization follows.
The controller has the following functions:

Measuring and regulating the heating temperature with the tolerance of 2°С.

Measuring of burning time in minutes and gives alarm signal after it is finish.

Controls the inner lighting.

Controls the absorbing fan for the outgoing vapour.

Controls the heating element (burner or coils) dependently on the temperature, including manual switch off, depending on the operator.

Switch’s on and switch’s off the vapour-generator.

Controls the vapour-feeding on the time previously sat, indicated on a display, as well as the necessary holding time and absorbing the vapour by products before the beginning of the burning (baking).

If it is not necessary to use the vapour, the baking can be directly started.

Having a regime of the self-diagnostic, when the oven is switch on.
  The front panel is made from the polyester folio, on the background of the stainless steel with the thickness of 1,5 mm.