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Power supply: 12V/2A

Output: 5 x NO

Input: 2 sensors pt100

Output current: 5А

Measures: 130x210mm
VS-1102oe is a controller for multi-floored electric oven. The temperature can be measure by the sensors pt100, in the two temperature areas (up and down). The temperature range (scope) is from 0°С to 350°С. The temporary timer range is from 0 min. to 99 min. After the end of the program time the sound signalization follows. The controller has the following functions:

Measure and regulate the baking temperature with the tolerance 2°С.

Measure the baking time in minutes and gives the alert signal, after the end of the time.

Switch on and switch off the vapour generator.

Operating the vapour also has protecting function against the continues pressing of the button, preventing watering of the vapour generator.

Having a regime of self-diagnostic, when the oven is switch on. Indicate the damage on the temperature sensors and the blocked button.
   The front panel is made from the polyester folio, on the background of the stainless steel with the thickness of 1,5 mm.