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We are a company  working in the field of high technologies. We develop integrated computerized programmable devices for automation of industrial equipment.
Our products give many opportunities for wide-profile custom-orientated adjustments and control upon the parameters of technological processes executed by production units.  
Our aim is to offer fully functioning and ready-to-build in decisions. In attempt to satisfy all needs of our customers we offer to them personal adjustment of our products in the frame of their functional identity. The development process of the personal adjusted devices does not bring any additional expenses to the client. Our partners also can use their right to order us to develop new products according their specific needs at very preferable price.

Our clients are able to change the design, sizes and position of control elements of our products, as it does not influence on their prices. Thereby, the clients will receive products that are personalized to the highest degree and answer their own needs.

Our clients are able to change the product parameters, and also to add and exclude some functions as it does not influence substantially on product prices. Thereby clients will receive products, which corresponds completely to the functional needs and are ready to be integrated in clients’ own products.

Our clients are able to order conceptionally new products. The dynamics of the prices depends only on the dynamics of the material expenses. Clients do not pay the developing activity.

By our policy of innovation we improve our products continuously. Thus our clients stand the chance of being on the top of technological wave, without giving any additional orders.

Our clients do not need investing in any developing activity because we ourselves do it for them. In this way we take all the innovation expenses and risks.